Musical Accessories Review: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings
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Ernie Ball has been making quality products for over fifty years, with their Regular Slinky 10 gauge strings probably being their most widely known. Putting such effort into ensuring the highest of quality in all their products, and being able to grab the attention and praise of some of the world’s most iconic musicians, such as Paul McCartney, Slash, Keith Richards, Metallica, and Jimmy Page, it is easy to see why and how Ernie Ball, the company as a whole, has grown into the industry legend it has become.

As an active guitar player, one looks for strings that provide flexibility in tone, durability while playing, and clear and accurate intonation. With the Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings you get ALL of that, and I personally find that they last longer than most other brands I have tried. As a touring musician, I have come to rely on these strings on the road, as well as in the studio. I had spent quite a few years bouncing around to different brands looking for the perfect set, when I eventually stumbled across Ernie Ball. After trying them a few times, and noticing the regularity in quality, I officially adopted them as my preferred gear, and have been using them for over a decade.

Being able to trust your gear to rock out as hard as you do, and to be able to deliver clear tone and quality is a must for any musician. The core wire is made from tin plated high carbon steel, and the wrap wire is made of nickel plated steel wire. What that means is that these strings ensures clarity in low, mid, and high registers, providing total control over one’s guitar tone through your preferred amp. It also allows for the tonal qualities of your guitar to shine through as well. The material also ensures that it can handle the heaviest handed players, and for a long duration of time. In summation: These strings rock!

review by jd mcgibney [website]

• Made in California
• Made from tin plated high carbon steel, wrapped in nickel plated steel
• Element shield packaging to ensure freshness when purchased

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