Book Review: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
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The second installment of The Kingkiller Chronicle takes the momentum built in the first book, and carries the series to the next level. En route to become a classic, The Wise Man’s Fear a fantasy novel written with a modern flare, and told in the style of a story within a story. Using a unique flow, the novel feels as though we are in the middle of the second season of a TV show instead of reading a book with a designated beginning, middle, and end. An adventure full of magic, action, creatures, and even love, we follow along as our hero, Kvothe, tells us of his journey into heroism, and eventually infamy, in his own words.

Picking up where The Name of the Wind leaves off in the original world crafted by Patrick Rothfuss, we rejoin teenage Kvothe at the University as he continues his studies. Becoming frustrated with not finding the answers he set out to seek, Kvothe finds himself placed in a situation in which he is able to venture out into the world to seek further answers. In doing so, we are able to follow along and learn more of the world Rothfuss has created. We see the class, and cultural separations present in Kvothe’s world, and through a series of unlikely events that befall our hero, learn some unlikely clues from some unlikely sources.

It is a new standard in the fantasy genre, and a “must read” for any bookshelf. Each chapter is honed in to raise some very interesting, and often times morally difficult questions, and ends on a cliffhanger (the end being the biggest of all). The focus of the story revolves around analyzing what it is to be a hero, and often times what difficult decisions one must make to “save the day.” The Name of the Wind” also brings in to question the darker side of human emotion, and analyzes the morality of one’s desire to seek revenge. This modern style of storytelling, partnered with an in depth analysis of human nature is a fun and enthralling spin on a classic style!

review by jd mcgibney [website]

• Series: Kingkiller Chronicle (Book 2)
• Author: Patrick Rothfuss
• Publisher: DAW Booke (April 2, 2013)
• Pages: 1120
• Language: English

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