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Book Reviews: SHE by Thomas J. Bellezza
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The author of “SHE” does not just express to you his about his emotions, but he shows you, painting a picture of his thoughts and feelings. The Forward, Acknowledgments, and Dedication sections alone are enough to intrigue you to read on as he opens up about his battle with cancer to dedicating his new lease on life to his future wife, Squirrel. Filled with humor, passion, honesty, vulnerability, and daily observation “SHE” was well worth the pickup.

Upon review of Thomas’ book “She”, this may seem like just another stream of consciousness tapestry of poems. I urge you, strongly, to look again. The contents of this venture into the heights and depths of the human soul are not ‘merely’ anything. For between the covers is writ the salvation of a man, and his sanity, through a phantasmagoria of his artistic muse. There are rhymes, but they are the distraction which artfully layers deep, meaningful prose, in a manner that somehow does not outstay its welcome. Here is a candid, honest delving into the craft. And it is not for the unwary. The raw nerves speak to Jagged edges and long-held scars, but also to healing. Lest any read this review as merely gloom and doom, or something proselytizing, let me be clear: the artifice here is graceful, though the journey is down many an uneven, and unexpected, unbeaten path. But then, aren’t those the best ones, the ones that teach and challenge us?” 

This is a captivating book which reflects the genius of its author, Thomas J. Bellezza. I especially appreciated the philosophical outlooks of the “fictional” deity, Telmorn Altayon. It felt like a revelation of wisdom from the old gods. As a TENEbRAE fan, I enjoyed reading into the deeper meanings of their work and was delighted to uncover previously unreleased lyrics (which I put music to in my mind). The creativity displayed in this book enlightens the mind and warms to the heart. I look further to seeing more of Bellezza’s future work.

This book will bring a smile to your face and put a tune in your heart. Full of wit and humor, but simultaneously sensitive well thought out, and intriguing to read, the journey of a man’s years thru lyrics, and poetry. You can tell he’s poured his heart and soul into this book.

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• Author: Thomas J. Bellezza
• Publisher: BBR Productions & Amazon 2018
• Pages: 237
• Language: English

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